13 September 2010

freaking out

Today I was getting ready to order all the silk I'll need before I launch my new catalog.  I just found out that the company that makes the silk I've been using for years is in some sort of deep trouble and the silk is impossible to get.  Remember, this silk is the basis for my existing wholesale line of jewelry and a whole a new direction in my work which I've been designing and making and totally immersed in for weeks   I am stunned, dizzy and absolutely reeling.  The main distributor has come up with a sort of similar silk in a lot fewer colors on ridiculously small spools.
trying to remember that things happen for a reason ... trying to think what to do next ... trying not to cry.

oh my ...................


  1. Hey Kathy,
    I don't know what silk you are using... from the photos of you work I see it is beautiful, and looks to be a thick. I have a few places here in California that work with silk and cords of all kinds. Don't know if they can help.
    He is a link to one in particular (you may know them already): Marion Jewels in Fiber http://www.store.jewelsinfiber.com/
    Good luck and let me know if I can be of any other help.


  2. I hope so much you will find what you need

    greetings lotte

  3. Lotte - Thanks for the encouragement, but it's not looking very promising.

    Hillary - Thanks for the link ... turns out I had Marion's site bookmarked for something else and I called her this afternoon. A very informative conversation, but not a cheery one for me. She's sending me a sample of one of the Japanese silks, but it's not really going to make any sense to pay retail for the kind of quantities I'll need. The search continues ....

  4. You are loved! Don't freak out! Don't let it get to you. A solution is bound to arise. I believe in you and your work.

  5. I dont know if that will help you, there is a very innovative enterprise in switzerland (weisbrod-zuerrer)with silk-fabriks. You can contact them at INFO@weisbrod.ch (they speak english): may be they have an adress for you

  6. Oh, good luck with this Kathy! Sometimes these things can force you into a solution that's even better than your original idea. Hang in there.

  7. Thanks everyone for the support!
    I'm working very hard to see the opportunity in this. It's just amazing to realize there's so little choice in natural fibers.
    Lotte, Thanks for the link, but I'm trying to stay in the US or Canada. I'm not at a point to order large enough quantities to do any direct importing.
    Trying out different options - mostly linen and nylon ... we'll see.
    blessings - k


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