02 January 2011

empty mind

Interesting time right now.
Feeling somewhat blank, open, not focused but not out of focus, maybe empty, most likely recuperating from 5 months of being wonderfully inspired and intensely driven.  I've gone from being totally absorbed, traveling a well drawn path, hands full to brimming ...

to empty hands, mind at rest, path unclear ...

I'm keenly aware of the opportunity that lies in an empty hand.  I'm not forcing myself to get busy or accomplish anything.  It probably helps that I've got a cold in full bloom and have absolutely no energy.  

I've mingled in bits of Christmas treasures among the existing ones ...

I've watched the snow pile up on Christmas weekend ...

And watched the snow melt in time for the New Year.  You can hear the remnants dripping into the downspout while we watch a very special New Year's Day visitor ...

I've been reading novels with absolutely no redeeming value, lush contemporary gothic fluff from a newly discovered author, Kate Morton and gone to see The King's Speech twice.

I plan to not have plans for as long as I feel compelled to make no plans.  I'll try not to fret and will no doubt make some effort to do a few necessary things.  Since my birthday I've taken on the challenge of following the path of least resistance and it's served me quite well so far.  In my current state of a relatively empty mind, I want to pay close attention to what piques my curiosity, no judgment, no filtering. 

Empty mind and an unclear path - what a wonderful present in this new year!

with deep gratitude and warmest blessings - kvk

p.s.  accompaniment to a quiet winter's day.  Joni's still the best, but this is darn close.


  1. a pileated woodpecker...so nice...did you hear it call out? they've been called "wood hens" in past times....
    happy new year to you....xo

  2. We have a lot of woodpeckers up here in the trees, at least it seems that way. The big pileateds and a smaller species I have yet to identify. One of the best parts of this house is feeling like I'm in the trees with all the birds. And a Happy one to you as well! xo

  3. Kathy, Wanted you to know that today I had a big career decision to make. I am wearing my "Inspiration Talisman". "Leap and the net will appear" served me well today :)
    A wise doctor I once worked along side told me a long time ago upon informing him that I was moving back to the Northwest with no job, home or plans: "That's perfect! You're leaving room for the new to come into your life!"

  4. Kathy - We've made those kinds of leaps many times and it has always been the absolute right thing to do. This warms my heart deep to the core and is so motivating. Thank you!

  5. This is such-a-such-a beautiful post!

    Love the hand, its lines (if i were of the sort i could read your palm, ha ha) in juxt. of the scratches on the wood. Tool and tool marks. Writing of a sort.

    no judgement seems to be so huge a place, since we are trained to calculate judge and evaluate everything. to go :there: is a return to innocence.

    First time I actually "heard" that song so well, with the different intonation breathing between phrases. thank you.

    Happy New Year.Blessing Blessing Blessing Blessing and birdsong. etc.

  6. Thanks M - I do enjoy being in observer mode - always so informative.
    Mrs Costello's rendition really is stunning. I love the way she references Joni tunes throughout.
    blessings and deep gratitude - xo


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