08 January 2011

my arsenal - vegetable and mineral

This cold has been excessively annoying.  I'm not flat out, but rather deflated.  I've had just enough energy to assemble my arsenal of liquids to expedite the virus' departure.

I'm calling it Kathy's Koncoction Korner.  There's the apple cider vinegar mix which has always provided almost immediate relief from crud - unfortunately, this time it hasn't worked ... no idea why.  Then there's the ginger juice - plain old water just isn't interesting, so I figured the watered down ginger tea would be tasty and good for me.  By far the most energy has been expended making 1/2 gallon batches of veggie juice, heavy on the greens and seriously yummy.  But it is a major production and tends to poop me right out.  I'm on the mend, but now Dave has succumbed to my evil germs and is on the couch.  I'm feeling very guilty.

Doing anything at all feels like even more of a challenge since the weather man was once again wrong. Feels like deja vu all over again.  It started last night with gusto ...

Our forecasted dusting turned into 3 inches.  There's supposed to be a break today through tomorrow when I'll dash to the store to get a few things before the predicted big blast hits on Monday.  I must admit, it does make for a lovely setting ...

And I'll never tire of watching cardinals in the snow - ever so lovely ...

So today I've started poking around on my worktable.  It feels like forever since I sat there to work.  I've got some new ideas swirling around in my head and am feeling the need to add some faceted gems to my existing hoard.  This cold stopped me from heading out to the Gem Show earlier in the week, but I've found just what I was looking for on Ebay.  I've bought some tiny square faceted sapphires and white topaz and some more sapphires in tiny faceted rounds along with the same size in rubies.  I'm thinking the Raw Fusion series could use some sparkle.  I'll keep you posted.  The existing hoard ...

Okay, so this doesn't have anything to do with anything, but when I opened the cupboard the other day the light hit just right and it was such a lovely stack of pots - I just had to take a photo.  In this stack the work of Nick Joerling, Julie Covington and Rob Mangum.  So so very yummy.

With that, I'll be on my way to reintroduce myself to my worktable to see what catches my eye.  Stay warm and lets hope the weatherman gets it wrong again - I'm really okay with no more snow!

blessings - kvk


  1. i woke to such soft drifting snow, too.
    came over to say stay safe tonight, heard ice was marching across, it always knocked out the lights when in the city.

    hope you all feel better, cleaning up after juicing is always exhausting for some messy reason. ;) nice group of ceramic there!

  2. M - I would love to see the snow against your river. Coastal snow always seems like such an odd juxtaposition.
    We are staying put and have no need to venture out. Very much hoping the ice takes a right turn and avoids the mountains.
    Thanks for the concern ... stay safe and warm your own self.

  3. sorry to hear that you've been "under the weather"....and now, dave. how much did you guys get over that way? we had 13 inches, then another inch last night. unreal.
    thinking of you....xx


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