13 January 2011

the root of it

Winding down for now.
The afternoon's been a satisfying mix of physical labor - there's now a path up our driveway, journal writing and book thumbing, tea drinking, a decadent lunch of a white sweet potato with a bit of butter and some spiced walnuts left over from Christmas, followed by a luxurious shower and slathering on of some new deliciously fragrant body lotion.

Coming back to my writing/meditation nook, I once again picked up Oneness.  I pulled it out last night; reading sections before bed usually helps me sleep.  Here's the highlighted section I landed on last night and which I've come back to this afternoon. 

This is, I am most certain, the most challenging thing for me to move through and where I have invariably sabotaged myself.  I am a master at trying to mastermind.  I really would like to stop. 
Wish me luck.

blessings - kvk


  1. i wish you luck - and mindfulness, my friend... i am moving through this too... xoxo

  2. mindfulness - yes ... luck to you as well. thanks dear friend

  3. I say write your own book. U r victory manifest. See it.


  4. Dear M - yes sirree, I am indeed.
    I just tend to forget and the book helps to remind me of what I already know. But my own book ........ hmmmmmm, wonder what that would be? xxxoooxxo

  5. Ah, the perils of attempting control. I hear you.


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