19 January 2012

Hearts Alligned ...

 ... that's the name of our Valentine's trunk show.  It fits in lots of ways.  Three artists with very similar approaches to work and design and then the Valentine's message. 
Here's the approved postcard for the show .......

It took me a good part of yesterday to figure it all out, but I'm quite pleased with the result.  I love the title font, the "hearts" are heart rocks that I photographed, cropped and then hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button on Picasa, extracted from the background in Photoshop Elements, plugged into Publisher, made the background transparent and did some free rotations.  I'm sure there's easier, more direct ways to get to this effect by people that actually know what they're doing with graphics software, but I plug along with what I know.  That's the thing with being self-taught, I eventually get to where I want to go, just not in a straight line. 

I'll post more about the trunk show when it gets closer.  Right now, I'm being drawn to haul out my sewing machine, so I've chucked all my fabric yardage in for a quick wash (actual care instructions thrown to the wind) and I might bop down to the fancy fabric store and see what sort of patterns they have on hand.

Oh, and my hair turned out pretty close to great.  Not sure what it is with these stylists, but they seem to be obsessed with angle cuts.  It's less than it was and definitely more chopped and pretty darn short!  Not feeling very photogenic today, so self-portraits will have to wait.

ciao for now ......

l i g a - kvk


  1. Traveling in straight lines is over rated. I think you miss serendipity when you do. Your post card looks fantastic. Another trunk show? I'm quite impressed with your productivity!

  2. The post card is a lovely combination of artists but your jewelry is really "stand out." Beautiful.
    vickie in kc

  3. your card has a beautiful rhythm


  4. Love the results of your work on the postcard. Nice work, girl!


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