12 January 2012

renewed perspective

clearing     sorting     pondering     rethinking     renewing ... passion    
relinquishing ... control  >  gaining  +  renewing ... perspective

Most of my piles have been sorted.  Some of the repairs and some of the special orders have been completed.  Things are shifting.  We just handed in our cable TV box and have switched over to a streaming device - a brand new paradigm in the VK household.  A small thing, but I'm thinking any change is important when stirring up the energy of our home and routines.

simplifying     paring down     ordering     prioritizing 

Funny that after a short rant on FB about the monetizing of every little thing, I succumbed to temptation and took Danielle up on her "pay what you can" Spark Kit offer.  It's, well, it's vast and voluminous and loaded and we'll see if I get through it.  I was an early FireStarter client (April '09) and have felt like a super underachiever ever since ... on WhiteHotTruth - so many success stories, so many opportunities to compare myself and come up short.  So I'm not sure why I decided to plunk down a small chunk of my small winter budget for something, the likes of which, I was just complaining about the day before ... curious ... curious indeed.

But I gotta say, Danielle asks really good questions.  She's in your face, not shy, brassy as all get out, smart as a whip, tapped in and on trend.  I am all about being direct and authentic and she is all that.  As for my new Spark Kit, I'll keep you posted.

And then there's the stirrings of creative urges.  Spurred on by my few, but very lovely purchases from the gem show.  There's very little that piques my interest at these shows, but I did come home with a couple of sweet finds ...

faceted nuggets of moss aquamarine, iolite and hammer faceted sanded amethyst

delicious little slices of watermelon tourmaline, opaque and translucent ...

and these sanded faceted crystal quartz nuggets are going to look amazing with the steel metal clay ...

There's lots going on right now ... 
paradigm shifts     world altering     passionate exchanges     perspective renewing

And seeing this helps ...............
The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) from R Smittenaar on Vimeo.

onward .......

l i g a - kvk

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