28 August 2011

the end of the day

Doing a post this time of day/night is against my normal m.o., but my mind is still designing and I'm hoping getting it out of my head will help ...

Working with new components and combinations is never fast.  It's always try this, nope not that, oooohh, how about this, what if I put these here and not there, would that be a better balance, oh I've got to switch tumblers, what was in that one, oh yes, I remember - ear wires, oh and don't forget to shorten that chain which will need to go back into the tumblers and I'm really liking that combination and didn't I have some big lavenderite nuggets that would look really cool with that big bone fossil and what time is it, oh just a few more minutes 'til I need to stop and get dinner going.  Always hard to shift gears after a long day of focusing on new work.

I was on an earring binge for a bit ... remember my forged bailing wire?  Here's a few finished pairs - I'm quite pleased with these - they're all jangly and very much fun ...

Rock and roll and asymmetry - plus I love the hammered green amethyst nuggets ...

Jumbo mystic topaz and raw diamonds ...

And here's a pair with the shark fossils and Roman glass...

The necklaces have been taking a while to figure out what components I want to use and then it always takes a while to get the balance right with all the little details.  I started the day with delicate and ethereal ...

And ended with seriously bold.  The piece on the left is a jumbo chunk of fossilized bone with a beautiful Basha bead and one of my sapphire studded beads and the right hand one is this lovely fossilized fragment of a shell that's kind of a dusky blue, combined with more fossils, mystic topaz, iolite and flourite...

Okay, I'm tired now.  Time to shut down, do a bit of reading and see if I can get to sleep.  My week ahead is going to be crazy - 3 doctors appointments, the tree guy for some yard work and ending up, thankfully, with a haircut on Friday ... ending with a bit of pampering after a week of being poked and prodded and accosted.  BTW - just way overdue annual check-up stuff.  I'm extremely healthy!

Nite nite!
l i g a - kvk


  1. I am in love with this whole series!

  2. Wowser! You've been working in overdrive. Amazing things and most lovely.

  3. Fascinating combinations. Your creativity is so alive! I do only minimal creations these days because arthritis has set in in my right hand and wrist but I feel so good seeing what others are able to create. Great going, Kathy.
    vickie in kc

  4. The series continues! Tweaking designs and drilling more fossils and coming up with even more variations - too much fun!

  5. You're on a roll, girlie! Just LOVE these new earrings. Alert me when they go on etsy--if they will.

  6. Hoping to load up Etsy by the weekend ... stay tuned!


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