08 August 2011

steel and sparklies

A wee bit further on the design trail.  The thing slowing me down this morning is trying to remember the combination I used for tumbling/finishing these pieces.  I made these bailing wire/mild steel components at least a year ago, maybe two and they've never rusted.  I know it involved putting some lavender oil in the tumbler with the stainless shot.  But I had an unattractive mess this morning when I opened the tumbler ... so now I'm running it again with borax to clean everything up and will see how it looks at that point.  Can't remember if I put the pieces through the abrasive media or not.  Maybe I should write this stuff down .........

When I do figure it out, and figure it out I will, here's a couple of possibilities for the finished product.  
 This pair of earrings has blue topaz & labradorite dangles and wraps of raw diamonds 

This pair has tiny wraps of raw diamonds ... minimal, but I think they look very cool

I woke up kind of grumpy, so I'm trying to not succumb and keep moving forward.  The swings of that dern pendulum are kind of narrow right now ... not happy about that.  Seems like one day up, one day down, half a day up, half a day down.  Little pin-pricky annoyances that mean nothing, but still annoy.  Deep breaths.

onward ......
l i g a - kvk


  1. LOVE the diamonds on a sticK! A new classic!!!
    We've gotta talk soon, soul sister. I am experiencing
    quite the same sort of days here. What's up???

  2. Doesn't Linseed oil harden to a hard gloss finish?
    We would use it on our forged iron hardware.
    Good luck!

  3. Don't you hate it when you forget how to do things? I never write anything down, just cant be bothered and it breaks up the creative flow...trouble is the creative flow grinds to a total halt when I cant remember things.
    Doldrums are happening here today too - it's quiet, midwinter and I have so much to do that I've become immobile. I'll keep plodding on. Lesley :)

  4. just found you via Lynne H's blog and have to say...i totally 100% love your jewellery :)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Hillary - yeah, I'm likin' those diamond wraps ... a lot!

    W.Cottage - good idea, but I like the idea as well as the fragrance of lavender. It's worked before, so I'm going with it.

    Lesley - the only thing I know when I write anything down, I can't find it when I need it.

    And a big welcome NMP ... don't you just love Lynne? She's a very special radiant being.


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