31 August 2011

how sweet it is ...

... or to be more exact -  how sweet are these?  I'm running low on silver spacers, so not sure how many more pairs of earrings I'll get done.  But these were just so cute, I had to share them.  I'm hoping to load up my Etsy shop by the weekend.  I'm thinking I should see if anyone else likes this new work as much as me before I get much more carried away. 

I can see lots of possibilities and have lots more ideas and so many pieces I'm wanting to make.  I really hope the feeling's mutual.  Especially with my new drill!

A thing of beauty and a joy forever ... for sure I am a happy happy jewelry girl!
Stay tuned!

l i g a - kvk


  1. I Love them! very much!!!!!!

  2. woo! a foredom!!! and i loves those earrings! xoxo

  3. I love those earings. I think I can even see little remnants of your finger prints in the disks. Drill envy here.

  4. I love those earrings - they remind me of little cairns. You're gonna love that Foredom!!

  5. Go girl; you sure can "cook!"
    vickie in kc

  6. Oh goodie! Thank you everyone! Oh yes to fingerprints and cairns and new toys! The drill's divine!


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