30 August 2011

nerve wracking

Today is tree removal day.  Two "large weed" trees, and two more problematic trees.  One leaning at a precarious angle in the back yard and the other a walnut that's too close to the house and has been dropping walnuts and breaking our siding.

I hate loud noises.  Dave usually does the vacuuming while I hide - can't stand the sound.  So the unloading and running of heavy equipment, chainsaws and a really huge chipper has me completely undone.  Not to mention I hate the idea of taking down trees in the first place.  So very distressing on most levels.

Saying goodbye to the walnut ... I loved peering through it's too close branches into the back yard.

Thankfully, our tree guy is a consummate professional ... rock climber, very strong, seriously safe, expert and fluid in his movements.  Still, the whole thing sucks royally.

Deep breaths.
l i g a - kvk


  1. Ah Kathy...I have a huge Chinese elm in my front yard, in fact our neighborhood in full of them, and through wind storms and ice storms over the years I have sworn over and over to have that tree removed. And still it remains. It provides good shade against the western sun in the afternoon and evenings and I just can't quite make the decision to remove it. One of it's huge branches came through my front window in an ice storm one year. And stil the tree remains. Decisions, decisions.....
    vickie in kc

  2. Well, we had a huge white oak in our front yard right next to the house and driveway. Like your tree, it provided wonderful afternoon shade. We called the tree guy to remove a dangling branch and found out the base was rotting. Right after we closed on the house, we spent $3000 having it taken down - it was HUGE and ever so sad.

    Just as the tree guy was leaving today, he told me about an oak just like ours that last week the base failed and 13,000 pounds of oak tree went right through a kitchen. Luckily the owners were out and no one was hurt.

    Maybe have a arborist come out and do an evaluation of the tree and go from there. Gotta say, with all the high winds we get, I'm very thankful we had it removed.

  3. Oh, I do so hate to see trees go but sometimes they are just in the worst place. It's always a balancing act and at the end of the day you have your home to look after. Funny about the vacuum. I feel the same way. I just hate the sound of them. Sets up this deep unsettled feeling in my head. Needless to say, I do not vacuum. I can well imagine the feeling that chain saws would set off.

  4. The chainsaw was bad, the chipper excruciating.

    We share house cleaning detail - I do the bathrooms and kitchen and any mopping, Dave does the dusting and vacuuming - after 31 years, it's a pretty fair arrangement.


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