11 August 2011

holding pattern

So I finally got the steel pieces to where I want them, but then life got in the way...

I've left these lovelies on my soldering station just so's I can look at them and plan and imagine......

I already know they're going to be gorgeous when dangling from these ........

But now it's time to start getting ready to head south for a few days of visiting Dave's family on the east Florida coast.  Dave's mom is about to bust, she gets very excited.  Mom/Janet is 75 and has more energy than I'll ever have.  A slow day for her is a 16 mile bike ride before work - she's a bagger at Publix!  I always wanted to be a bagger.......

Anyway, we're flying down to visit for a few days and I'm shifting my focus to this ......

....... sea blues.  We're staying in a hotel on the beach (it was cheap!) and I can't wait for early morning walks and diving into the salt water, Gumbo Limbo Park and fresh seafood.  I'm in serious need of a saltwater fix.

Hopefully I'll be back to work later next week.  So for now, the bailing wire series is to be continued ............

l i g a - kvk


  1. I can just imagine how awesome your earrings are going to be. Will miss you blogging while you are gone. Hope you have a lovely, wonderful time. As kids growing up we used to go to Myrtle Beach each summer before it became so commercial. We loved it. Am an Aquarian, and a true water baby for sure. See ya when you get back.
    Vickie in kc

  2. I love those bits in the wee bowl - you have a happy knack of putting those blues together! Have a wonderful seaside break - I love right on the seashore, so couldn't imagine being away from it for too long! Lesley.

  3. Thanks kids! The siren's are definitely calling ... my suitcase if full of shorts and t-shirts, bathing suit and flip-flops! Will buy sunscreen down there 'cause of that TSA stuff. Look forward to chatting on the other side!
    l i g a - kvk


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